Boys And Girls Showered Together Nude!

For the first ten years of my boyhood life during the 1970's I lived in London. On the whole I think my school days in London were fairly average except for the wonderful experience of mixed sex showers! At age 7 us kids moved up from the infants to the juniors which was exciting and daunting at the same time as one might expect. Everything was a little different and that also went for our Games lessons. The school didn’t have its own playing fields only a large concrete playground. However, the school did have the use of the public recreation ground in the park about 10 minutes walk from the school. We would walk to the recreation ground carrying our sports bags and equipment, footballs, hockey sticks, bats and balls etc, with Mrs P the girls games teacher leading the way and Mr C the boys games teacher bringing up the rear. When we got to the recreation ground we used to go into the changing block and get changed into our sports kit.

The changing block was an old single storie pre war building which had seen better days. The layout was very basic. When you entered the paint peeling door you found yourself in a straight corridor with another exact door at the other end. On the right hand side of the corridor were the two changing rooms. The boys used to change in the first changing room and the girls the next one. The showers were on the left hand side of the corridor with the entrance opposite the boys changing room door. Also the toilets were next to the showers with the door opposite the girls changing room. So you get the picture that the building was split up into four separate rooms with a central single corridor down the middle.

Once changed the boys would usually play football or ruby or in summer cricket while the girls played lacrosse or hockey. When the games lessons were over we all went back to the changing rooms and stri-ped naked ready for the showers. Once we were all nude us boys and girls all filed out of our separate changing rooms and lined up together in the corridor. It was the first time many of us had ever seen the opposite sex nude and as you can imagine seeing all the naked girls with their pre-pubescent Marys and round bottoms on show gave us boys a great thrill!! But saying that the girls were equally thrilled to see our Willies and bums too! The corridor loudly echoed to our non stop childish giggling and wild exclamations of delight. Only when everyone had calmed down and had stopped giggling were we allowed to enter the showers. Mrs P would stand by the entrance of the showers with a soap dispenser and as we went in one by one she would squirt a small amount of soap into each of our cupped hands for us to wash with. Both girls and boys all mingled happily nude together brushing past each and jostling for position to get under the spray. I think we all accepted our mixed nude communal showers as normal. There were never any complaints of words of protest. The teachers were very professional about it taking no notice of our nakedness and treated us exactly as if we were fully clothed in our school uniform.

My experience of mixed nudity in the school showers continued right up until I was nearly 10 years-old and it only ended then because we moved away from London.

NOTE: I later learnt that originally there were two changing blocks, one for girls and one for boys, but the boys block was damaged in the war by a bomb and pulled down. The remaining girls block was thus left to cater for both sexes. So if it weren’t for the blitz, I would not have had this unique communal nude childhood experience which was my first real delightful view of the naked female body!
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LOVE this story! Why didn't that happen to me! STUPID AMERICA! lol.

In the early seventies when I was about 18 years old we had a student sport session, there was only one locker room for both boys and girls with three separate shower stalls. In the first sport sessions we were a little bit modest with changing and shower stalls were locked but after a while some girls would change their bra for a sport bra, boys would take off there underpants and put a sporting short on of the kind that doesnt require underpants and still some weeks later we just kept the doors of the shower stalls open.
Same experience in a "sleep inn" a kind of youth hostel that didn't require a hosteling card: one large shower room for boys and girls and everybody walked around stark naked without shyness.

"I think we all accepted our mixed nude communal showers as normal."

"The teachers were very professional about it taking no notice of our nakedness and treated us exactly as if we were fully clothed in our school uniform."

I think these are the all-important words, although 5 is perhaps a better start age with today's forwardness of children. In essence, there was no problem with this arrangement.

Presumably, if it was considered such a bad thing, as many people would, no doubt, say today, then efforts would have been made to turn one of the other 3 rooms into a separate shower with toilets being installed in the 2 changing rooms.

I was surprised about 15 years ago to find a girl of about seven or eight in the communal shower of the men's changing room at a swimming pool. It wasn't a problem to the five or six men who were also using it, one of which was her dad. There were all having a great time throwing the soap about, and her dad may have been just a single parent who was making sure his little girl came to no harm.

Some would rightly say that we should be teaching our children that nudity is nothing to be ashamed of.

The other side of the coin is, of course, the possibility of perverts or paedophiles around. That is a different issue. However, if safeguards are in place, with responsible adults present, as it seemed to be in your case, the situation is remedied.

Good story

Beautiful story. Imagine all those kids, year after year, seeing each other naked in a natural non-sexual context and none of them were scarred for life. As magnuspym63 said, would never happen in US.
Do you know if attitudes about nudity are still this relaxed in UK?

How long did the communal showers go on, like at that school until what age? Its not so bad since all of yall were prepubescent. Did any girls see you naked after age 12 in showers, at home, or were you seen naked by your parents after that age? Were you spanked bare bottom at home or school since you are from UK?

Communal showers would have continued until I left to go to senior school at age 12. Yes I was spanked on occaisions and being naked though more often or not bottomless! became second nature for me at home.

Well I would have thought that the benefits gained by pre-pubescent nudity would go to waste if suddenly at whatever age nudity becomes \'wrong\'. It\'s not as if all the changes take place between one sports and the next. That it is still a reasonably gradual process surely is educational and comfortable provided the necessary safeguards are in place. Let\'s not spoil what is essentially a good and sensible plot.