Remembering The Pre-9/11 World Trade Center What It Truly Was

Many people do not understand what New York City's former World Trade Center really meant, even before September 11. Whenever everybody hears of "Twin Towers", they immedietely think of planes, buildings and terrorists. Whenever I hear the name "World Trade Center", what I'm thinking of is hope, economic power and "second tallest in the world". Minoru Yamasaki was the architect for the World Trade Center, he explicitly said that the WTC was a symbol of "world peace" beacause that is what the Twin Towers literally were. Yamasaki's twin towers became 110-stories, the first tower completed in 1970 surpassing the Empire State Building and became the world's tallest building at 1,368 ft followed by its 1,362 ft twin in 1971. Many people act like the Twin Towers meant nothing when they hear of 9/11. Well, they become New York City's tallest buildings and the new economic capital after Rockefeller. The World Trade Center also became one of New York City's most visited attractions along with the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Grand City Terminal and Chrysler Building. All of this plus the World Trade Center? It is no wonder why they called New York City the "Empire State of Mind" because that is literally what is was, an empire. The World Trade Center had 7 buildings, the Twin Towers being the two tallest. One WTC, the north tower (the one with the large antenna), contained the Windows on the World restaurant, New York City's most famous at the time. Two WTC, the 1,362 ft south tower had an indoor and outdoor observation deck which allowed tourists to view New York City from the roof of the building. In the middle was a large plaza with food kiosks where people could simply sit, relax, converse and be in the midst of the great Twin Towers. The Twin Towers could also be seen from everywhere, from some parts of Canada, from New Jersey and from that area. It literally became a symbol of America's status as a world superpower. I here MANY stories of people wishing for the Twin Towers back because of the childhood memories they had visiting them while they existed (don't even start with the "they'll just get bombed again" crap because that is not what this article is about). In 1975, Chicago's Sears Tower surpassed the World Trade Center at 1,450 ft. But this did not change the Twin Towers' magnificence in the New York skyline. At first, when the Twin Towers were completed New York City didn't like them because they were too simple but over time, it was the opposite - New Yorkers loved the buildings. Similar to the story of the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately all of this was taken away from us at that fateful morning of September 11. Want more proof? During a 9/11 documentary named "Inside 9/11" by the National Geographic Channel, the narrator said, "They (terrorists) attacked a symbol of America's global dominance". This just proves how the absence of the Twin Towers from their destruction will truly hurt New York City forever and how important they were aside from the 3,000 martyrs.
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