Where Were You On That September Day?

I remember waking up a few minutes before the second plane hit the WTC. I remember seeing people jump out of the towers to escape the flames. I remember when the towers fell and people were running for their lives amidst a cloud of debris. I remember the Pentagon being hit. I remember the giant hole in the ground from where United flight 93 went down in Pennsylvania. I remember when they found survivors from the WTC wreckage. I remember the missing posters that loved ones put up in NYC. I remember when we went to war. I remember being scared that life as we know it would be over.
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i remember tomorow will be 12 years

I was in 2nd period chorus when it went down. They high school would not give too much information but everybody found out. It took two days to reach my father who was a police officer in NYC (thankfully alive and well). I also remember driving past train stations for the next week and seeing cars of those who never made it home from work Tuesday 9/11/01.