I Miss These.

I think I need to go buy these for my son.  I remember that my mom would never let me have them.  I wonder if they still smell bad in the oven?  That was always my mom's excuse for not letting me have them.

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3 Responses Jun 20, 2008

You can get the shrink plastic at most hobby/craft stores & I don't think it smells as bad as the kits did. There are ways to rubber stamp on the plastic and then shrink them. The problem I have had recently when trying this is that they don't shrink flat. They look warped. Maybe I didn't do it right. Who knows?

I know she let us have them once, and then never again.

You definitely have to get it... if only to find out who was right! <br />
<br />
Is it really a lame, annoying, smelly thing not worth the time and money that only a child could enjoy? ... or were our parents too stiff and unwilling to try out new experiences just for the fun of it?