My Sex Life

I was about 11 when Mom and my Dad began drinking alot and fighting almost everynight sometimes it got so bad Mom would come into my room and get into bed with me after locking the door.

Now My Mom is a looker and that was the start of some of the fights as Dad drove truck and was gone three nights per week.
Mom would always hug me close in bed and say things would be tetter someday.

After months of this Mom began coming into my room every night even when Dad was working.
I must have been 12 when I woke up hearing mom whimpering beside me and asked her what was wrong ?
Mom took my hand and placed it on her sweaty belly and said,Rub Mommy like this so Ill feel better.
She guided my hand down between her legs and back moaning each time then letting go siad,Just rub like that.
I kept doing it harder each time as she said until she grabbed my hand thrashing it against her hot soaking crotch moaning then breathing heavily said,Mommy feels good now Baby but dont tell anyone.

This became a regular thing and I woke up a few times feeling Moms hand down my underwear and I remember her whispering,Your going to have a big **** Baby.

One night Mom must not have locked the door as we was both covered but she had her hand on my **** and i was rubbing her between her spread legs when the door opened and Dad yanked the blankets off of us and began yelling!!

Mom left a few days later saying she would send for me as soon as she got settled.

More than a few months went by and I remember her sending photos on my 13 B Day and Dad getting mad then drunk after looking at them.

That same night Dad came into my room naked and took off my underwear and sucked on my **** while slipping his finger up my butt until I cummed twice then left.

He would only do it drunk so I decided to see what he really wanted and one nght he was sober I walked into his room naked and sucked on his **** noticing Mine was already bigger than his.
id to
We did this off and on for a long time until he met a woman I hated and My Mom did to so Mom set it up so I moved to another state to her brother Dougs house.

By this time I was fully grown and in highschool ,16 I guess almost 17 and had a hot little Gf that loved sucking my **** but would not ****.

Ill right the rest soon.
jamesd19 jamesd19
18-21, M
Jan 26, 2012