When You Aint Got Much...

Growing up, we were kinda poor. Inner city livin :) we didn't have all the fancy **** kids nowadays have. We had a game system at a couple points, but for the most part we played OUTSIDE! baseball, football, kickball, hockey, soccer. Hide and go seek, manhunt, catch one catch all. Hopscotch, jump rope, pogo sticking. Bike riding, skateboarding, roller skating. Foot races, bike races, play fighting, real fighting. We had FUN back then.

On my block there was several families with 3 or more kids, mine included. We were all pretty close, we did alot together. One memory that sticks out in mind was when I was around 12. I was hanging out with one of my brothers n a couple of our friends. One kid named Coco he was a hyper crazy kinda kid, comes running up the block with a shopping cart. We're watchin him n lookin at each other like ok here he goes again lol. Anyway hes running on the side of the shopping cart, suddenly he hops inside the cart n goes cruising down the street until he bumped into the curb n flew out into the grass. He's laughing, we're laughing it was a sight to see. So me my brother n our friends Jeff Bradley n Jamie decide to join in. It was all dandy til my brother got the cart going a bit TOO fast, hit the curb, flew out and landed on his hands in a ton of gravel and rocks. We were still laughing though, even my bro with cuts in his hands lol.
launica87 launica87
22-25, F
Jan 22, 2013