Pen Pal Gift.

I met one of my best friends through a pen pal ad in my junior year in high school. I was living in Arizona but i was going to move to Anchorage Alaska for my senior year. Lo and behold, i found a friend who loved Duran Duran in Anchorage. I moved there and found out that she wnt to the same high school, but had graduated the year before. But more than that, she lived just a short distance from me! We have been best friends every since! I would really like to find the issue that started our great friendship. it is an issue from 1986. (i think, ha!) If anyone could help me out, I would be extremely grateful!!!
d2zog d2zog
1 Response Jan 4, 2013

Maybe you could find it via the folks on the new FB page. There is also a Tumblr with covers. And Flickr! If you find out which issue, I'd be happy to help you look!