Steve, You Are Sadley Missed !!

 I had the chance to meet Steve a few years back at the San Diego Zoo. I found him real, caring and so wonderful to watch as he related to the great animals he was working with. We all had lost a truly great person when Steve passed away. His work will be kept going by his beautiful wife and his wonderful children. I know that it"s so old fashioned by saying that he died doing what he wanted to do, but it is so true. He ALWAYS new of the risks that he faced any time he worked with anything that had 2 or 4 legs, fins, antlers or shells. He is now with the one who made him, and also with the animals in heaven who now call him friend. May he have a wonderful time in heaven until one day, his wife and children will be able to join him.....

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3 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Yeah I was truly sad when I heard about it. But still the way he lived it was only a matter of tiem before some animal got him! He probably knew it too! Amazing man with a real passion for life!

maybe, someday people will learn to give value to animals after all they co-exist with humans..

I loved Steve! What a wonderful person he was, and how much knowledge he spread to replace the fear and loathing that so many people have for the animals he loved. My only consolation is that he died doing the thing he loved best.