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Popcorn In a Purse!!

I used this picture to show the type of purse that my sister would take our own popcorn to the theater.The purse was black and white but it was a square looking type like the one in the avatar.

Now if I can get at least one other person to be in this group,I will be shocked.I have never known any other families to make popcorn and take it to the Theater with them.We had money to buy a coke and candy or pickle but I guess to save money we would take our own popcorn.As far as I know no one ever saw us do this.I know my older sisters were very embarrassed about this because we've talked about it in our older years,but to me,I did'nt care,I was the youngest.As long as I was at the movies,I was happy.As long as I had my coke and pickle and popcorn,nothing else mattered.As soon as the lights would go down and the movie started,we would get the purse and start eating our popcorn and just enjoy the movie.I don't know where we got the idea to do this,I'll have to ask my sisters the next time I see them,lol.It's kind of weird that we did this,I'll be waiting to see if anyone else ever did this!!

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 4 Responses Oct 23, 2008

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Yeah,good fun times,thanks for reminding me Ladee of those good times.Some of the things from my childhood weren't good or fun,but it wasn't all bad,I did survive and can smile again,haha!!

Oh it was something,when ppl gave us pennies we could go to the store and buy bubble gum,candy or cookies with 5 pennies.I don't know what they were really called but we used to call them moon cookies.They were big and round and had what I always thought was the moon smiling at me,lol and boy were they delicious.They were 2 cents!!!

Hi Ladee,thanks for your comments.Yes,I remember going to the store with a quarter and buying a soda,chips,pickle,sometimes candy and always having change left over.Ahhh those were the good old days,never to return!!!

Hi blackclaw,thanks for commenting on my story.Well yes,popcorn at the movies definitely tastes really good,but I just can't believe we used to do this.I would never in a million years do it now because I would be sooo embarrassed that people would notice,haha.I'm sure they did back then too but me being the youngest what did I care,lol!!