Yes I Do

I still drink the sugar free version a couple of times a week and also use it to make Russian tea mix in the winter.

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7 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Yeah, I didn't realize it was still available. Cranberry and Pomegranate are the current juice flavors in my local stores. An entire shelf of all different brands of the same flavor. Its kinda funny and sad. Haven't seen Tang. Maybe its in the same section as Crystal Light since that too is a powdery drink mix. I'll take a look.

Taste of the astronauts Iza! LOL

MMMMM I like to put the crystals in my tongue to dissolve. Back in the day that was my high lol

They have it in fruit punch now too

Bringing it would be good :) I'll look for it. I really didn't realize it was even still around...

I send you some if you can't get it or just bring it to you.

It is still around? I didn't realize... I don't think they have it in my grocery store. Kool Aid, yes, but I don't think there is Tang. I'll have to check. Wonder what my kids would say if I brought some home? lol