Good Old Tang

i remember the first time i was ever introduced to tang as though it was yesterday. i was 3 and had gone grocery shopping with my mom. at the time, tang came in a really cool turquoise-colored container with white lettering, and it totally caught my eye. my mom bought a small container so i could try some, and it was love at first sip. for the next few months or so, i became completely fascinated with that awesome orange powder. i always made sure to ask every person i encountered, "have you ever heard of tang? it's really cool; we have some at our house. you HAVE to try it!" lol, clearly it didn't take much to make me happy as a kid (or now, for that matter!) :P

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

i just found tang in the store for the first time in forever last week! of course i had to buy some. i'm proud to say i've been drinking way too much of it.<br />
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i'd never heard that tip about cleaning the dishwasher. thanks for sharing! :)

yup, if the astronauts drank it then that proves it was certainly good stuff!<br />
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i haven't seen it in a long time in my area..i'm wondering if they stopped selling it here or if i maybe just haven't noticed it. next time i'm in the grocery store i'll have to look! nice to know they still sell it some places, though.<br />
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i was surprised by all the comments on this story; it's nice to know tang still has such a loyal following! :)

If you remember it was the drink of choice for astronauts. It must have been poisonous or a carcinogen for it to completely disappear. I mean it was entirely chemicals wasn't it?

You have some at your house too? I'm on a mission now, to find some! I thought it was extinct til I made this group! lol