First Time Swallow

One of my favorite parts of giving a ******* is seeing the guy's **** when his boxers are pulled down. It just flops out, free from it's confinement, and is ready to be the center of attention. There are many other things I like about sucking a guy off, but until now I never swallowed. The first time I sucked off my college buddy he came in my mouth and I was disgusted. I let him *** in my mouth a few more times and still had the same feeling so that was the end of that. I would suck him off until he was about to *** and I would jerk him off and lick his balls while he came on his chest, shirt, towel, whatever as long as it wasn't in my mouth.

Well that all changed the other week. I found a new friend and I've sucked this guy off a few times now, but haven't swallowed. He said he hadn't *** in a few days and needed to get off. He was on my couch watching some **** and I was on my knees, sucking his big **** and playing with his balls. He was enjoying it from what I could tell and told me to lick his shaft up and down for a while. I ran my tongue up and down as requested and circled the head of his **** nice and slow. I licked the underside of his **** and went back to licking on his balls. He grabbed my head and pushed me down on his **** and I started sucking it again. I started to go faster and take his **** deeper in my mouth, while I massaged his balls. He started moaning and breathing harder. I could tell he was getting closer to *******. He said "you like sucking my ****, don't you?" I hummed out a positive reply while still keeping his **** buried in my mouth. He said he was close and I kept sucking. With his hands on the back of my head he said "oh yeah just take it". I wasn't sure if he meant like keep sucking his **** because he was about to *** -or- he was going to *** in my mouth and he wanted me to swallow his load. I only had about 2 seconds until I assumed he meant swallow his ***. His hand was behind my head, I was deep throating his ****, and his balls erupted. He was ******* in my mouth and I just took it. I swallowed twice but there was more *** in my mouth. I swallowed again and took his **** out of my mouth. It was only then I could taste it, I had a drink on the table and that helped wash out the taste. It wasn't that bad overall and I kind of look forward to the next time and see if I can do it again.
dallastx30 dallastx30
26-30, M
Jan 12, 2013