North Dakota

I lived in White Earth North Dakota in 1982.
I did a little check about White Earth before I moved out there- yes there was a man involved-. I looked up North Dakota in the 'World Book Encyclopedia', I didn't have the internet yet. It read White Earth has a rodeo on Father's Day, every year. or something like that....It didn't mention, the population was
25 of people
30 of dogs

Well anyway, once upon a time, White Earth W.E. was a oil town, but as the oil boom got less so did the population.
So here we are in White Earth, an intersection with a grocery, and a post office. There was an active Lutheran Church about 2 blocks away.
I mean the town was so small, it had more pets than people and most of the people living there where related to each other, but not yet inbred.
So once a month the book mobile from Mountrail County, would visit the little town. I would wait and visit with other W.E. residents in line while our neighbors would select their 'new friends' (books). It was a wonderful time of the month for the residents of White Earth.The arrival of the book mobile was even more exciting than the daily train, that sluggishly snaked near the grain elevator.
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My town was 350 during the summer. We had the book mobile too. later I lived in a townhouse building with 2700 units, heck of a change.

different life styles too!

Oh, you would not believe, holy cow it was like a live peyton place

And I thought I lived in a small town with 2600 people.

well this one is smaller! LOL

I used to love the bookmobile coming to our school.

yes it was an exciting time!

are you with someone now ??