Very Surreal

I'll never forget the exact moment I was told. I was getting ready for school in my downstairs bathroom. No one else was up. My cousin, who lived next door, came over as we used to walk together to school. She and everyone else knew how huge a Beatles fan I was. I started liking them after I saw The Yellow Submarine a few years earlier. I then became obsessed and would force my friends to listen to them and do mock Beatles interviews with them and so on. So yeah, they knew how I felt about them. Anyway, she comes in and blurts it out! I don't even remember her exact words. I only remember me saying "yeah right!' I didn't believe her at all. She was known for making stupid jokes anyway. But she went on and on with the details and I guess it sunk in. I can't even remember how I felt. I think it was so bizarre that I couldn't even understand it fully at that moment. Then we went across the street to get the other girl who walked to school with us. She was SO mad that my cousin already told me. She had wanted to! She had this whole sensitive speech worked out for me. I thought that was funny. That day at school I remember walking around in a daze. The music teacher I had the previous semester, who was a HUGE Beatles fan, was said to be in her room with the lights off crying. I believe it. We had even bonded over the Beatles when I did a report on them for her class. She had been around during the Beatles time. It was a huge blow to all fans everywhere. Even non-fans would be upset because they knew these young guys through their songs and television and they always seemed so positive and uplifting. Not too long before that day there was talk about a possible reunion. There was ALWAYS talk of a reunion, but this time was different. This time Lennon had said "you never know!" That was a big deal. Believe me. Then it all ended. The dream WAS over. I couldn't listen to A Day in the Life for years because it was played so much after his death that that's all I could relate it to. Finally, I can enjoy that masterpiece again, but anytime I hear John's amazing voice I feel sadness. Sad for his friends, family, and fans. But most of all, sad that there are people on this planet that would take away such a beautiful person.

MacLen MacLen
36-40, F
Mar 20, 2008