I'remember The Day John Lennon Died

yes i remember the day John Lennon died, I believe it was Dec 8, 1980, I was living in California at the time , my gf told me,all i can say is it was senseless why is all i can say,John in his songs always stood for love and peace violence was not in Beatle songs maybe one or two,if that,Without John Lennon there would be no Beatleshe formed the band then Paul joined then GEORGE and finally Ringo. If the world lived by Give peace a chance , All you need is love we would have a different world today ,John had his flaws like all of us but he stood for love and peace , miss him and wonder if the Beatles would have done something had he lived. vinny
mycuzinvinni mycuzinvinni
46-50, M
Oct 16, 2011