December 8, 1980 Was a Very Sad Day. :(

   I remember hearing about John Lennon's death on the radio.  I was a sophomore in high school at the time.  My older brother was obsessed with The Beatles since he was a toddler, so I was accustomed to hearing Beatles' tunes blaring from his bedroom stereo.  He was very upset when he heard the news and played every Beatles' album he owned for weeks straight. 

   An unusual thing happened prior to his death, though.  An artist friend of mine felt inspired to draw a shaded pencil sketch of John Lennon about two weeks before he died.  The sketch was a profile of John Lennon's face, wearing glasses with his hair blowing lightly in the wind.  It was really a striking depiction of John Lennon. 

   I was completely 'caught off guard' when I heard the news of John Lennon's death weeks later.  An artist's drawing of John Lennon was published in the media eerily similar to my friend's drawing.  The only difference was that the artist added '1940 - 1980' beneath the picture.  I asked my friend if he submitted his drawing to be published. He said 'no'. He didn't know that a similar drawing was circulating in the media.  When I showed him, he was shocked.  Coincidence?

   Yes, I remember that day very well (December 8, 1980). It was a day we lost one of the best musicians in the world, to a senseless act of violence.

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1 Response Aug 23, 2008

I had just gotten home from work and was kicking back for few minutes before going to bed and heard it. I had to turn on the tv news to make certain I wasn't imagining it. <br />
But third son was born on Dec. 8, 86. He knows the Beatles music too. So I have a bittersweet moment on that day.<br />
Of course then Geprge passed away on my birthday (and he was truly my fav of the fab four).