John Lennon Was A Legend Controversial Young And Naive A Killer Was Loose In New York

Im forever wanting to change that fateful day. Ive sometimes played it in the back of my mind..I was at my grandmothers house watching the tele. As a newscaster broke in to say, John Lennon had died. He had been shot by a man with a gun. Funny how guns do that to people; even famous people. Revolver, revolution, happiness is a warm gun, bang bang! shoot shoot! In a moment,a life was taken gone forever. No time for regrets,apoligies or goodbyes. He was gone in an instant. People of all ages colors, faiths, mourned his sudden death. The man that wrote, "Give Peace a Chance," had died by a lethal weapon. He who wrote "All you need is Love", gone. People remember him for different things. I choose to remember him as a good man; that made a few mistakes along the way. John stood up for what he believed in,and wrote and sang this beautiful heavenly music. From his humble beginnings in Liverpool, he had touched generations with his music, and hes still touching them to this day. From love ballads like, "Yesterday," and " She loves you.", to more serious songs like," A day in the life" ,and "Hey Jude," the Beatles set the standard for musicians of rock music. Just when you thought there was no more to be done; they created more symphonys, and trends. The Beatles break up was only the begi,nning, of Johns quest for world peace. He used his celebrity influence to sound off about the war in Viet Nam. John and Yoko held a press conference while they were naked in bed, to say what others felt. No more War. Give Peace a Chance! I know John had some shortcomings, as most people do, but the good he did, outweighed the bad. I know theres a bright star up in heaven. As John Lennon sings a wonderful song he wrote,We all shine on! Johns brillience will shine on, forever.
gypsygirly gypsygirly
26-30, F
Feb 16, 2010