Suicide Or Murder?

On February 16, 2006, I found out that my oldest son, Joshua (19), had been found dead in Amsler Park/McGregor, TX.

My brain simply refused to accept this horrific news! I found out through my younger son, Michael (18), after his friend, Justin, called him, telling him that his father had seen someone hanging in the park. Without thinking, I asked Michael to run to the park, one block away, see what's going on, and come right back. He didn't come back...Instead a police car pulled up in front of our home. As the officer was walking towards me, I said, "Please don't tell me what you're going to tell me!" He said, "I'm sorry, Ma'am."

There are no words to describe the pain...real physical pain, crushing pain..............loss, sadness, wonder, how, why, what, Michael, how could this be??????????????? Written by Diana Robinson (pen name).

McGregor Police did not investigate, telling me, "We don't begin an investigation until something suspicious is found." I told them the whole thing is suspicious because my son would not take his own life!

After 2+ years of research, filling out countless Freedom of Information Act forms, studying hangings~judicial/suspended, suicides, homicides, suicide by cop, anyalyzing the documents~Statements of the four officers, Crime Scene Photos, Dispatch Logs, and Autopsy, teaching myself basic forensics~Manner and Cause of Death, Rigor/Livor Mortis, Cadaveric Spasm, Digestion processes pertaining to time of death, etc. I became incensed with eliminating suspects, including my other son, Michael.

I asked the police dept. many questions, because of the inconsistencies I discovered in their statements. I got no answers!

I contacted the Texas Rangers, specifically Steve Foster to request an investigation into my son's suspicious death and/or McGregor PD. Over the course of about 2 years, I was denied several times. NOW, Foster is Chief in McGregor!!!!!!! (Joshua Robinson) (Joshua Robinson) Both have attached documents, including a crime scene photo and statement that a McGregor patrol officer was the last person to see Joshua alive in Amsler Park @ 1AM. He died between 1:15 and 2:15AM, according to the rigor/livor mortis.

However, today, I somehow connected with a psychic and she has given me many details about Joshua, Michael, and some of their friends.............that she couldn't possibly know! This is freaking me out......a bit, but I feel intrigued, at the same time.

I only want resolution, peace of mind, truth, and mainly justice for my son, Joshua.

These websites also have an attached petition/comment section. I don't know if signing this petition will do anything to help me legally, but I do know I need a show of support!

Thank you.

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Feb 27, 2009