I Remember My First Joint Like It Was Yesterday

I was 15 and me and my mate got some weed from a dealer started off by smoking a apple bong each then we rolled the shittest J i have had but it GOT ME HIGH AS F***k, i have stopped smoking regualry now but still smoke every now and again and i still love it think i will always smoke its just an alternative to alcohol to me. And to people who say drugs are wrong they are right, but weed is a natural herb that grows in the ground, and has been used for thousands of years and no-one has ever died from it. So yeh drugs like coke others are bad but to me weed is just a herb to smoke like tabbaco so i dont see why it is illegal. I love the HERB and always will :D:D:D:D
AlexUK23 AlexUK23
18-21, M
4 Responses Jan 14, 2012

thats the best, but got a warning on facebook for sending request to folks i knew nothing of. but i think that was alcohol.

keep on toking bro!

Yeh man will do till I can toke no more :D

Lol I was high when i worte this totally forgot about it till now hehehe