3 First Times

I had just moved out of my parents house at age 19 and having liked diapers a lot i decided to buy diapers having been a diaper lover growing up but ii bought pampers size 5. They were way too small and couldn't fit around my waist. I was too embarrassed to buy anything bigger. i waiting until late at night to stop into the safeway in town so nobody would recognize me buying diapers. The next time i bought some i got some girls goodnights and having got questioned about them at the checkout as to whom i was buying them for i stumbled and told the checker my two year old sister, goodnights being too big he looked at me weird. I continued to buy goodnights at different stores for awhile until i started filling out more and more and needed to tape goodnights just to keep them on and from ripping open when i bent over. i decided after scoping out depends i would have to trade up, being my first adult size diapers i wanted minimum contact with the checker and fortunately for me the checker this time was an older woman who looked at me kinda weird but didnt say anything to my blushing face.
dontwanna dontwanna
26-30, M
Jul 15, 2010