It Was Weird But Well Worth It...

my first time buying diapers took a long time to think about. i felt really weird and just freaked out at what the cashier would say but i figured whatever, just get in and out. i was coming back from a weekend trip and driving alone for about a three hour ride. my plan was to find some in the beggining of the ride so i could wear one all the way home. so before leaving i downed some water and a couple cans of pop. then i headed out in search of the first store that i figured would sell diapers. it was pretty far north and was a ghost town most of the way. so after about an hour i started feeling some desperation and wished i had found some diapers but the only stores i would go by were small gas stations or resturants. eventually an hour turned into almost two and i basically was holding my self by know thinking i may just wet my pants instead. but then i started to get closer to the city and noticed some signs. yess!! i thought a walgreens and cvs... i got of the exit and started feeling excited/nervous/i hope i dont pee my pants in there. i chose the cvs because it looked like they were just about to close so i figured it couldnt be that busy. i walked in feeling very desperate but my mind was on other things. i got to the diapers and remember just feeling really excited knowing i was about to have a pack of these. i chose girls goodnites because i really love how they fit and how you can wear them under clothes and they a very well disquised. and now for the weird part... i felt strange walking up to the counter with a pack of diapers, just thinking about what the cashier was thinking. i figured i should have just peed myself right there and then she would figure it made sense that i needed them. but anyways it was akward and i didnt like any minute of it so i got out of there as soon as i could. now i was back in my car and thinking of what to do next... didnt take long to think of an idea... i ripped open the pack and pulled one out. i love how diapers feel, the material, the sound, its so nice to wear them and just know you can pee anytime you want. so i put one on and put my pants back on over it. as i was pulling out of the parking lot i basically knew i was about to pee myself big time right into my brand new soft diaper in between my legs. i went down some dark empty looking road, pulled over and sat back and relaxed.... ohhh how good it felt, i just kept going and going and never wanted to stop. i love when they fill up and get big and heavy and squishy. so thats how it happend. i drove a little more ways untill removing it and just loved knowing i was sitting in a big wet diaper. i had about twenty more of those babies and was excited to use them all. i plan on getting another pack soon, probably gonna get two this time, but i cant decide between goodnites or maybe ill try an adult diaper but i dont know what brands are good and ment for good soakings so if anyone has any good suggestions let me know please..
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

That was an awesome story! Personally, I'd recommend wearing more GoodNites. I haven't tried wearing many adult diapers, but most of them look too weird and awkward. I tried some Depends once, and they weren't all that great. They just didn't have the same padded and fluffy feeling of GoodNites.

I did the same thing when I bought them one time. I damn near pissed myself in the store I had to go so bad. The cashier didn't say anything but wow was it akward. I peed so much on the ride home it leaked all over the place but it felt soooo good. The best ones to get are def the rite aid medium size unisex ones. You can pee like a gallon at a time and they wont leak.