Finally Swallowed First Time He Came In My Mouth

I was wearing panties at work under my male clothes and feeling horny when he sent me a message and I surprised myself when I offered to come over and suck on his ****. I went over and he greeted me at the door with his **** sticking out of his pants and i knelt down and sucked him tasting the pre ***. He started shoving it deep and I took it deep down my throat. He came deep in me and was the first I sucked to completion and swallowed all of it. I am waiting now for the next time - I wear panties most days hoping.
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You need to come and work near me.

Four years later - it happened again. He messaged me - we chatted - he said come over. I put on my corset, wig, thigh highs 6" heels and gave him a nice slow bj and swallowed it all.

A dear married friend called me over to his place as his wife was out shopping. He knows about my cross-dressing &he'd bought me a sexy, frilly, pink & white basque for my birthday. Unfortunately, when he presented it to me his work called him. I already had my panties & stockings on under my jeans. Whilst he was on the phone I went into his bathroom & tried it on; it was a perfect fit. He says he is a straight guy. I came out from his bathroom to show him how it looked on me. He was still on the phone, talking someone through a problem. I don't know what came over me. I went over to him, nibbled the clear ear & undone his zip. To my amazement he put up little resistance. I pulled his suit trousers down and found he was wearing his wife's, frilly, pink panties. Within seconds, his beautiful 8" **** rose & tried to escape through the cloth. I pulled down his wife's panties & placed my mouth over his bell-end. I could taste the pre-***, which enticed me to take him deeper, down to my throat. He was really talking serious business to his colleague, but he couldn't help but thrust his beautiful **** in & out of my mouth. Eventually he came & I swallowed every bit; it was beautiful. I was a cross-dresser from an early age; now I'M A SISSY cross-dresser. xox

I was surprised by my first. He was really big, and I had no idea that towards the end, just before they squirt, their bell ends swell up. So I'm blowing this magnificent 10-incher, and it's pretty much filling my mouth. All of a sudden, it starts getting bigger, and bigger! I'm thinking, OMG! What's happening? Then he starts to spurt, and it just keeps on coming. I swallow mouthful after mouthful, and the beautiful bastard keeps squirting more in. I've had several since, but none as good as that.

Keep practicing, you'll learn how to control their ******* with your mouth. When you feel him about to explode, force it deep into your throat and let him blow it straight into your stomach. Well, I do anyway...

Well I hope to gain experience with practise, but most of the boys that have fvcked my throat don't seem to mind how deep they are. Yes, having them squirt straight down into your stomach is more efficient, but admit it - man-*** is yum!

Ah the first time and memory of it is an amazing thing!!

sounds like you truly enjoyed it! wishing you more!

wonderful, thanks for sharing :)

Such anticipation I'm sure for the next treat he gives you.

Good for you dear!

That sounds like a great break to a day at work

*** tastes so good and nasty i love to swallow

I wish that was me that was get my **** sucked and Iwould love to be ****** and to **** you

Oh it's so wonderful to please a man...and be rewarded with his ***.

I too remember the first time a man came in my mouth. I was shocked but, continued to swallow as much as I could.

You make me so hot. We'll take turns ******* in each others mouth. Then I get to suck your slick hole.

very good and yummy.

That is hot

I love the feeling of ****** in my mouth and the taste of ***! Ellen

Hot story.

Platerpuss: Would like to swallow you. Whatever comes out will take.

Can't wait always looking to do it again

Wonderful story

sounds like a great idea. Hope you find a good one.

sounds like a great idea. Hope you find a good one.

Awesome! Isn't it soooo much fun to suck ****!!! I hope you have many more experiences like that in the future. It's all I ever think about. When am I going to suck my next ****!!!

Still have not had my first. Wouldn't it be ironic if its with denise4u.

what could you do with me

Whatever you make me do

still waiting for the right person to let them *** in my mouth

So you've taken right to this? Just like you were born to do it! I'm so happy for you! Cherish your first time, babe, the rest have to be better than that first one to be remembered! But, you can do it if you try! Congradulations and Good Luck!

im in panties now