My Brother Was My First.

My brother is 4 years older than me. When I was very young he trick me into sucking his ****. He sucked mine also, but that started something that went on for many years, he told me about ******* I didn't know what he was talking about, but when he was about thieteen I found out. It really surprised me the first time but I liked it from the first. That first night I sucked him off again. For the next couple of weeks I sucked him off every night.Over the next 4 years I'd suck him at least once a week. He joined the Army when I was turning thirteen, Before I had started *******. Then he got married and we have never even talked about it since. But I was still turned on with sucking dicks. I did learn about girls about then, My cousin was my first, and that is a story all by it's self because it was a result of getting caught in the act off sucking my brothrts ****.lol
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i remeber the first time i tasted *** i was 15 i was with a girl we were in her room.she pulled out some furry handcuffs she ******** me then handcuffed me to the bed post.then as she stood up she said johny your penis is too small for me i wasnt sure what to say she then called some body then a few minutes later a boy walks in he was around late teens i would say.he laughed as he saw me.she told him lets show him what a real man looks like .she pulledhis shorts off she held his **** in front of my face it was limp but it was prewtty big it was bigger then my 4 inch hardon .well she started blowin him i got turned on while watchin this she saw that she stopped his hardon was big i will say 8 to 9 inchs she said to him put that big **** to work on this babydick boy.he shoved it in my mouth.god i fealt it going down my throat i wanrted to puke but just gagged the whole time then as he cam in my mouth it was like a hose.there was so much comin out it just started runnin allover my face she told him spray some on that baby penis he did. she broke uip with me after she took the handcuffs off me