I Was About Thirteen

I had a huge crush on a teenage boy that lived down the street. He was a junior or senior in high school and of course I found that to be very sophisticated and appealing. We had kissed and fondled a little and I had licked and kissed his penis, but only for a moment or two and never to completion. One afternoon, his friend was over and they told me that girls are cool if they also play with their boyfriend's buddies. I was afraid and embarrassed, but I was very excited that he used the term "boyfriend" so I let them open my blouse and the friend opened his pants and just pulled my head down. I resisted slightly but my "boyfriend" reassured me that it was what he wanted and that all girls did it. As soon as the friend entered my mouth, he held me tightly and had what seemed to be a HUGE ****** in my mouth. I thought it was disgusting but had no choice but to swallow or drown. He held me until he was finished; there was ***** all over me. I still don't like the taste or texture, but the act of swallowing is now very exciting to me.
sallee sallee
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Is the act of sucking also exciting ?

thats so ******* hot a 13 yr old sucking **** wow

Glad that you found something that you enjoy.

I always enjoy the history stories of what makes a person like the things they do.

Yes, it is always interesting.

Was it the not having control of what was being done to you so exciting? It sounds like it had a intense affect on you. That's for sure.

it sounds as you learned it early enough :-)

I really love this story. I look forward to more!

Great story. I wonder how common that experience is?

thanks for your great story, hope you will write a few more, would appreciate if you would read mine about my first anal and give me your comments, you have the switch on so I cannot massage you, cheers