My First Adult ******* Experience.

My brother was my first. He was 13 and I was 9. I've shared this story in another area. So I'll get on with this one. Now, I want to say for the record I never felt molested or abused. I liked sucking dicks from the first time my brother tricked me into sucking his when I was 5. As I said he came in my mouth {Yummm} when I was 9 I liked it. Around that time I was sucking my brother a couple of times a week or so. My cousin who was the same age as my brother, about once a month and a friend of my brothers once a month or so. That was the extent of my escapades around that age. I add my best friend James to the mix when I was around 10. I'll share that story in another group. Oh and I was sucking my own at that time also. So that was the group. But as time passed my brother went to the Army, my cousin went to collage, my brothers friend joined the Navy. I was around 13 and had started ******* after my brother left. Oh Well.
I was running out of dicks to suck. It was down to James and me. Now I was in a small southeast Texas town with a population about 10,000 or so. Back in that time frame you didn't want to get caught. I was born in 47, do the math. Now there was a sign painter that had a small shop behind my uncles business. I was hanging around with him and he was nice. By the way my folks were carnival folks, and traveled a lot. So my grandmother was raising me. Having said that, people were a lot more trusting back then. Perhaps for the worse, but I'm glad it was that way. So Steve, became a friend of mine, he was 25 to 30, well he was a friend of the family also. One day I found out he had a couple of horses at the family farm. And I wanted to ride them we talked about it for a while and I talked to grandma about it and pestered her to let me go and spend the night at the farm and ride and help Steve with the garden and so forth, Finally she said ok. Great!
You know that Gaydare thing? Well I knew there was going to be some sex involved, at least I hoped there would be. So Steve picked me up sat. morning and I needed to be back for church on Sunday. The farm was about 45 minutes away. As we were driving that feeling of impendening sex was there. I could tell by the way Steve keep glancing at me. We finally arrived, he got the horses saddled up and off we went. I was really a geeen horn but had fun, Steve had been riding for years. After a bit we took the horses back, and tended to them. Then we went to the garden, did some weeding and picking and so forth. I was wanting to get in the house.LOL Finally we are through and go in.
Steve set the veggies on the back porch and looked at me and said, wow your clothes really got dirty. I can't take you back like that we are going to have to wash those. I said ok. He took the stuff out of his pockets and put it on a small table and told me to do the same. I did, then he started taking off his clothes and putting them in the washer, I did the same, he took them all off and was standing naked on the porch. I said what do we wear? he said well it's just us guys and he said he walks around nude all the time. But said if I wanted he could find something. I said no, I'm fine. Finally I got a good look at his ****. Damn it was the biggest one I had ever seen, WOW. and he was uncut also.His **** was getting a little bigger, and my mouth was actually watering.LOL Well he said lets get a quick bath and we'll scare up some grub. I said ok, sounds good. So we started down the hall to the bathroom and he said, well we have that in common, we are both uncircumsized. I said yea, but Steve whats does that mean. He said well when you are circumsized the doctors cut your for skin off at birth. I said ouch why would they do that. He told me there were religious, reasons but the doctors thought it was more sanitary. I said well I'm glad they didn't cut me. He laughed, we were in the bath room and he was running the bath water. He then said that people like us had to be more careful or we would get infections. I asked how? he said if you don't clean it the right way, you get infections. He asked if the head of my **** ever itched? I said yea, every now and then. He said I wasn't cleaning it right. He then asked had no one ever showed me? I said no. So he looked at me for a few seconds and asked if I would like for him to show me? WOULD I? LOL I said very much, a little heavy on the very.
Well the tub was full and he told me to get in, by this time both of our dicks were harder. So I got in and washed of pretty quick. He asked if I wanted him to wash my back? I said yes, he told me to get on my knees. I noticed his **** was even harder. So he washed my back and ran the wash rag down the crack of my ***, and said there is another area you need to clean good. Then he took the bar of soap in his hand and lathered it up and started washing my ****. Boing, there was no hiding that hard on. I said, oops sorry about that, He laughed and said don,t worry it's the most natural thing in the world. Then he showed me how to skin the foreskin all the way back exposing all the head and make sure to rub the soap all around the head. Then rinse thourghly 2 or 3 times. And he did, paying close attention to the head. I'm glad he stopped then or I would have ***. So he told me to get out and I did, he grabed a towel{ by the way his **** was rock hard like mine} he dried my chest and arms and told me to turn around, then he dried my back, down to my but and then the back of my leggs. He told me to turn around again, as I did my **** brushed across his face, my heart skipped a beat, and I said oops, he laughed and said there is not much room in here. He then dried my **** real good taking his time as he said, make sure to dry your forskinn real good. I said ok but my voice was husky. He looked at me and smiled. He then said well, let me get a quick bath. He got in and started washing as I was sitting on the commode with a hard on like I never remberd. Knowing I was going to be sucking that big beautifuk **** very shortly. He asked if I would wash his back and of course I grabed the wash cloth. I wshed his back and down the crack of his ***. He then asked me if I wanted to wash his **** and show him what I had learned. I'm sure glad he asked because I was getting ready to ask him if I could. I eargerly grabed the soap and lathered up my had and applied to his ****.DAMN THAT FEELS GOOD. I took my time washing it enjoying the feel of his hard **** in my hand. I would have done it more but I was too hungry to get it in my mouth.I rinsed it off real quick and grabed the towel. As he got out I stood up to reach his sholders and dried his chest and then his arms and I told him to turn around. I dried his back and his but and the back of his leggs, And let me tell you I was quivering with desire, I didn't trust my self to speak so I put my hands on his leggs and moved him to turn around, as he did his **** brushed across my face and lips and I could smell that woderfull **** smell. It was all I could do to not open my mouth and start sucking, in stead I took my time drying his leggs while his **** was moving all over my face. Finally I started drying his **** peeling the forskin back to dry it good. I dropped the towel with his **** in my hand slowley, strocking his ****. He moaned a bit and said damn that feels so good. I said {or tried to} I know something that would feel better. he said what? I looked up at him and smiled, with out another word I leaned forward and took as much of his **** as I could in my hungry waiting mouth. I don't know who groaned the loudest, I didn't care I was sucking the huge **** and loving every inch I could get. I didn't dare touch my **** or I would have lost it for sure. I pulled it out of my mouth for a bit to look at it and lick the head a bit then sucked as much as I could. Well Steve was loving it as I knew he would. He said, Mikey, you know whats going to happen if you don't stop, don't you? with out taking his ****  out of my mouth I nodded and grunted ummmhmmm. He said do you want me to *** in your mouth? I nodded again and grunted a very deffinit UMMMMHMMM. Well folks that is all he needed, he started trembling and the head of his **** got harder, i wanted to see the head of his ****. I pulled out for a couple of seconds to gaze upon that beautiful purple engorged head, then quickly put it back in my mouth and started strocking his ****, he let out a gutterel sound and stiffened and shot his *** in my mouth and I made some kind of sound and he was still pulsing *** and I was swollowing as fast as I could I didn't want to lose a single drop.The stream started slowing down, all most stopped I pulled it out to watch the last of the *** drip out of his **** and I squeezed the last drops and licked the head clean. Poor Steve, was trembling so bad, I got of the commode so he could sit down. He said, that was one of the most intense blow jobs he has ever had. I just grinned enjoying the feeling I had and the feel of his *** in my mouth, and as I looked at his semi hard ****, I knew it wouldn't be too long before I would suck it again.
After a couple of more minutes he looked at my **** and saw how hard it was, he said mmmm is that for me? with out saying a word I aimed my **** toward his mouth and he opened it and took every inch . The head of my **** touched the back of his throat and he started sucking me with a nice steady even strock and I could feel my **** getting ready to explode and a few seconds later it did. I'll bet he didn't suck me 15 seconds before I shot my wad in to his warm mouth. then it was my turn to sit down. Before the next morning we sucked each other off three more times. One of the most erotic bi secens of my life. I was able to get up with Steve three more wonderful times, and then he was gone, I don't know what happened to him. He may have gotten caught who knows. I have sinced been married twice and have had some great experiences, but every now and then I'll think of Steve and especially that first time and jack off thinking about it.

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Great story! Very erotic and truthful sounding.

Man I loved reading this.

Great story, made me very hard and wet

Very HOT story. Thanks for sharing it