Sucking My Cousins **** At 7 Years Old..

I should start by explaining that I was a very feminine little boy. I didn't realize it at the time, I didn't know anything about sex or what was normal dress or behavior. I had always worn panties, that's all I was given. [at the time they were just under ware to me] and when not at school my mother would dress me and my 3 year older sister alike. It had always been like this so it seemed normal. We had dozens of matching outfits. Looking back she was careful. She would keep us mostly in dresses on the weekends. If we were to go out "visiting" in the car we would always ware matching pullover tops [usually had lace trim, puffy sleves or some type of decoration. Usually with a necklace of some sort. Always very short shorts of different styles. The usual shoe was a black Mary Jane, we did have a white t-strap I guess for special occasions. I'm starting with this because looking like a little sissy is probably what got me started sucking *****. My father was always away on some business trip or something. My mother loved to take my sister and I on vacations to visit friends and relatives. The summer she took us to visit cousins in Virginia is when I sucked my first ****. They had a big house and we stayed with them. They had a 16 year old son and a eleven year old daughter. Thinking back it seems like my mother almost planed it out. The father worked days and the ladys and girls would all take off every day to do something...This left Mike and me alone most of the time. On the second day he dropped his shorts while standing by the pool..His hard **** was like a magnet to me. It didn't take long for him to coax me to my knees. He showed me how to bob up and down on it. He told me how pretty I was and what a good job I was doing. It didn't take long and he pumped his *** in my mouth, I gulped it down without missing a beat. When he was finished he asked me if I liked sucking his ****..I said I did ! [ I really enjoyed it ] He said that he wanted it done every day. I said sure I would. That was the first time I ever heard the word ****..I remember thinking that a **** must be when it's big and hard and a penis was small and soft. I definitely liked it big and hard! I spent the week learning to be a life long *** ****. On the last day he had a friend over. I was allowed to suck both of them that afternoon. I can still see his *** stringing from my lips. Ever since, I've loved to make men hard and please them.
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MMMMM thanks so nuch for sharing.These normal feelings will inspire many to be the real girl they want to become.I also love **** with a passion, always have and always will.
Louise CD

wow cindy great story very erotic thx for sharing reminded me of when I first wore my moms lingerie and posed for my fathers friends mmm still excites me

Never had a guy do me I often wonder though

Oh! hun! You *****; I had to relieve myself after reading your lovely story. xox

Hot nothing like family love :)

Oh you sound so awesome. Please add me as your friend.

I also started young with my 14yo brother & like you serviced him willingly most days & also with his friends too

i love the idea of pleasing a guy and sucking him off and then taking it from behind.

Nice experience, I didn't go down on one until I was in my late forties. The first one I did was really too fast and I swallowed. I made sure the next time to take my time and enjoy it......after that I wondered why I waited so long......thanks for posting.

My friend Allen and i, both 12 at the time regularly played with each other's dicks after school. One day i borrowed a pair of my sister's panties to spice up our fun. When he unzipped my jeans to get at my **** and realized i was wearing panties drove him wild. He had my jeans at my ankles in a flash and pulling my erect **** out the side of my panties and sucked me dry. The next time we met he was wearing his mums panties. Fantastic times

Love it.Thanks for sharing.Love you
Louise CD

I love this site, When I was 10 I love dressing up in my moms & sisters lingerie my sister caught me & kept dressing me all the time with her girl friends and at 14 yr. old she made me dress up very sluty and suck one boy & **** another boy at the same time and I loved it so after about two months of this my mom caught me with these two boy friends of mine sucking & ******* at the same time well she was in shock at first then she talked to me about it later and I told her that wanted to be a girl and I was glad thst she caught in the act so she started dressing as a girl all the time so now she is teaching me how take care of my self around men, Later Lisa Dawn

my fantasy is to suck the **** of a very femimine guy who would role play as my mommy or a female with a strap on

Great fantasy, gets me very aroused. :-)

if it was a guy you were related to and you were seven then thats messed up

if you were meaning me, No dear. I did not have any kind of sexual relations at that age. I was looking at youre picture and enjoying it a lot.

thank you

lovely story, I think you're an expert on how to get a man ******* with youre mouth. would love to feel you sucking me

Luv to be pleased byyou

I adore pleasuring a man orally myself :)

I sucked my friends big **** at 13, I have a story about it, I still think about how nice it was...

i wish i was your cousins friend

Your story is hot cant wait for more

Cindy that a nice story Do you do anything more then suck ****.

Nice!!! I'd like to *** in your mouth!!!

very hot! While I am a straight guy (or maybe bisexual, dunno) I have always wanted to suck a ****. I regularly eat my own creampies so I don't have a problem with ***

Love story . I cant wait for my first **** in mouth

Oh, you are a **** virgin. How sweet.

Beautiful, and so good you have been able to continue into maturity, I was a late starter but love the feel and taste of *** in my mouth.

I wish I could meet someone locally who enjoys the same thing you do.

Well told story, thanks.

Beautiful story thank you so much for sharing.

Yes, A great story :)

love your story honey thanks.. jamie

Thank you for sharing.

I loved that story, wish that was me.