My Neighbour...

I was walking home from college along the path past some bushes whenI saw a man standing there, it was a neighbour - an older guy from a few doors down the road from me. I looked at him and said hello and carried on walking when I looked a second time I saw his penis sticking out of his trousers. It stopped me in my tracks. I could not believe the size of it, I had never seen an older mans **** before, in fact I had seen very few and they weren't erect.
As i stood looking stuck to the spot he grabbed his penis and began stroking it. He then spoke to me and asked do I want to look closer. I nodded and moved in closer to him. I stood mezmorised as he held his **** slowly ************ in front of me. After what seemed an age he spoke again "do you want to feel and do this for me" he said. I nodded again held out my hand and squuzed it, I could only just get my hand round it. He put his hand over mine and began to move it up and down the long shaft. It felt so hard and hot in my small hand; I loved the feel of as I squeezed it firmly.
I stroked him for a few minutes more when he asked "do i want to kiss it?". I said yes and tentatively lent forward and kissed the end of his ****. I could taste what I now know was his precum and thought "mmmm,thats nice".
He then asked me to put it all in my mouth, after liking the taste I thought "why not". I opened my mouth as wide as i could and guided his **** into my mouth."WOW" i thought "I like this".
It didn't take long sucking his **** when i felt something shoot in the back of my throat, it shocked me; I pulled his **** out just as the second spurt of his *** shot onto my face and splashed onto my glasses. I was amazed how good it looked, inches away from my face, this magical white cream coming from the end of his ****.
I had swallowed the first of his ***, cleaned my glasses & the rest was all over my face. I stood there with a big smile on my *** covered face, so proud of myself!
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17 Responses May 7, 2012

I guess this meeting "on a path" put you on a good path forward. Great story.

Hot story.

lucky neighbor....Did you ever go back for more?

Wow. You just made me very hard. I'm going to have to stroke mine now.

very very cute & lovable story !!

Very erotic story Hun

Wow ! Quite the sexy hot story ! Its always nice to get a blow job from a lady who loves what she is doing ! The power and control must turn you on ! please add me babe . xo peter

Hot story!

so hot you areally make me so hot pl. give me hand job and blow job on my huge ****<br />
my **** is 8 inches long and 4.5 inches thick ..

Sure is an interesting 'first time'!

It only did that because you are so sexy and talented!

You should be proud. I'm sure that was a life changing moment. Before then, did you realize that you just loved **** so much?

gives a whole new meaning to 'love thy neighbor"!

So how many have you had? And what is the most interesting item you ever had in your *****?

So how old were you when this happened?

i must say to be slutty you're very thrilling, keep the stories going joolif.

ur such a sweet neighbor