My Wife Knows All

Yes I made a point to tell her before we were married about me. About the third week after we met I asked her if I could wear her panties as we were making love and she said sure and it didnt bother her at all. After a year or so we got married and as the years passed I told her about all my girly things I had done and she was still fine with it. I told her not too long back about my loving the times I had sucked a **** and what they had done to me. She enjoyed the stories I think and then i told her I would love to do it again if the oppurtunity came up and she said OK with her since she is out her passion age pretty much now. So I feel so lucky that way but now I dont seem to be able to find anybody where I live in east Texas. But nothing could ever beat the first one since I actively pursued the chance to do it. I felt I had conquered the world !!! I did it twice that night too. It satisfied me for quite a while it seems but the urge will always come back it seems also. I realized I was definitly bi-sexual but a woman is my first love . I am getting more daring with my cross dressing as I get older I have noticed and thinking more of having a gurl dressed as I am . I dont think I can satisfy a woman like the days of yore but know I could make a guy feel good which would be a real satisfactory thing for me. Also my breast have gotten bigger too and I kind of wonder about the hormone thing as we age . They feel as good as most womens I have been with. Just bragging now! LOL Love to all of you
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I've fantasized about this my whole life. My wife and I used to get so horny talking about sharing a hard ****. She got so hot talking about watching me suck a **** and swallowing ***. She absolutely loved to blow me and used to talk about how good it felt and how good *** was. God, I get so horny thinking about those times. She died of breast cancer at an early age and I've never met anyone like her again. Now I'm old and alone and it looks like my sex life is over. All I have now are memories.

I see you stumbled across this story. Its true tho and I enjoyed reading it again myself. I would like to feel your breasts and I know you would like me to wouldnt you? What would your wife think of it? Mine wouldnt want to watch I dont think but wouldnt care either. Later sweetie, Melody