Sucked My First In College (part 1)

I was living in an apartment off campus by myself as a senior and had a girlfriend that lived out of town. This lead me to watching **** more and more online. As I did this in the evening, I found myself really turned on by watching ********. At first, I thought that it was just the hot girls that got me off, but as the scenes changed to two hot girls going at it, I wasn't that turned on. After a while of this, I started perusing the adult chat rooms and found myself curious about the gay section. One of the first nights I was lurking around in the chat rooms, a guy messaged me who was from the same town I was in. He was closet gay and seemed like a nice guy around my age.

We decided that we would get together later that week at my place since he had roommates and I lived alone. He was going to arrive at 9pm, so as the time ticked on from about 8:30, I was more and more nervous. I probably smoked about a half a pack of cigarettes in an hour. A knock on my door snapped me into reality. I answered the door and he came in. He was tall (6'4"?) athletic and had a buzz cut. Not someone I would think about being interested in guys. I offered him a beer and we sat on the couch, smoked a cigarette and made some small talk, both of us focused on the TV (obviously both EXTREMELY nervous).

Finally, I reached over to him and put my hand on his thigh and asked how we should get started. He just leaned in and we started kissing. This was the first time I had kissed a guy open mouthed, tounge and all. It was different, but not bad. He put his arms around me and pulled me towards him so he was kinda laying down off to the side with me on top of him making out. My mind is racing at this point. I am excited, and realize that only he and I are here, so we should just go with it.

I stop kissing him and start undoing his pants as I can tell that my erect **** is pressed up against his and its hard too. as I pull his shorts down, out flops his ****. I have seen a lot of **** at this point in my life, not sexually and up close, but a lot. His was probably 8.5 and thick. wow. I just start sucking him and he starts moaning. I am having a hard time getting it all in my mouth but he is now thrusting his hips. He warns me "I am going to ***, pull it out" I just press harder and suck deeper. Next thing I know WHAM, I am getting what seems like a glassful of *** in my mouth. My reaction is to swallow it, but I couldn't keep up and its all down my chin and chest. At this point, I am ******* in my own pants. He asks to suck me and I have to tell him "only if we can hang out for a bit, I just came from sucking you off". He laughs and said "I would have thought you were a pro by how well you sucked if it wasn't for you ******* from it.

Part 2 is next....
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Very cool, always explore when you can

My experience was similar but I got so hot I grabbed my own **** and came in my panties!!!

got my **** hard