Sucked My First In College (part 2)

Now that we both realized we really enjoyed me sucking him off, we went back to watching tv for a bit and had another smoke and a beer. It didn't take too long before we were both horny and wanted to do more. I told him "why are we hooking up in the living room? I have a queen sized bed!" he just stood up and said lead the way. I turn the lights on to the bedroom and when he follows me in he sees some panties, stockings, and a bra in a pile on the floor. "Are those yours?" he asked. "my girlfriends." I said. would you put them on for me? Uh, why not? so I pull my pants down and put on the panties (black high cut lacey satin) and start with the stockings (they are a pain to put on!) I can't get the bra strap fastened in the back so he helps me and I climb into bed. He starts to follow me but I tell him, nothing but underwear is allowed in this bed, so he strips down to nothing but his now hard-again **** and climbs in.

We start kissing and his hands are rubbing my *** and crotch, as I am rubbing his shoulders and back. I ask him what do you want to do now? He says he is willing to do anything. I found myself completely turned on by wearing the panties and bra and ask him when the last time he had sex was. He said, I haven't ever had sex with a guy before! I tell him neither have I, but I was asking about with a girl. He answers probably 5 months, but she didn't have a **** and didn't turn me on like you are doing now. I simply looked at him and said "finger me." I reach over and grab some lube and he starts fingering me slowly until he has two fingers in me while we kiss. he goes down on me for a bit and sucks my **** through the panties and I can't tell whats pre-*** and what is saliva at this point. I push him on his back and straddle him asking "panties on or off?" He just looks at me while I roll a condom onto his **** and add plenty of lube to it. I lean in to kiss him again and he pulls the panties to the side so hard they rip. Not completely off, but the crotch is no longer in the way. I slide down a bit so his pole is right up my crack and raise myself high enough to rest on the tip of his ****. I slowly (and somewhat painfully) slide down further and further on his **** until I was riding him like a champ. I came in about two minutes. He came in about 20.

We then just slept together for the rest of the night.
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very hot and sweet

I was bent over the back of the car seat when I had my first hard one with my panties on. I came in my panties very shortly as he pushed it in so slowly. Best ****** I ever had too. You never forget somrthing like that and feel sorry for someone who wont explore other things. At least I do.