My First Mouthful

My brother was only a couple of year older than me. Our parents made him take me along with him a lot of times. One time when I was 11, almost 12, he had to drag me along to a sleep over at his friends when they wanted to go out themselves. We watched some TV played board games, shot pool in the rec room and stuff until his parents were ready for bed. They made us put on our pajamas and settle down in his room.
A while after they went to bed my brother went back down to the rec room and his friend and I were left alone. He opened one of his dresser drawers and started pulling out his collection of *****. I opened a Penthouse and started reading the letters and looking at the pictures, and he was looking at one of his own. As he was leaving to go to the bathroom, he handed me the one he was reading and told me I might like reading this one. Wow, it was mostly pics, but it was people having sex.
When he came back I asked if he had another one I could look at. He said he did but it would cost me. I asked what and he told me I would have to suck his ****. I was a little taken aback, but really wanted to see more, so i agreed, reluctantly. Then he lay back on the bed and opened his robe. He was naked and his hard **** was sticking straight up. He told me to to take off my pj's and start sucking. So I , got naked and knelt by the bed and took his hard **** in my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down on it. I loved it right from the start, and he was enjoying it. I lost track of how long it had been and the next thing I know he is ******* in my mouth.
NikkiDare NikkiDare
4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

A delightful recollection. Amazing what forms the "life-altering decision" can take, huh?
I'm so glad that it has a warm place in your ... um ... memory ;-)

Love your story, just jealous, I haven't ever had the opportunity.

Thanks, what a young way to start. Did you keep sucking him for years to come? Please add me, thanks.

Love your nice story...we too love that....keep writing more...