It was after the hustings to be a rep at our university, we went back to his with a group of people, id seen him around but not spoken to him much, but i heard he had cigarettes and i desperately needed one after the fool i had made of myself.

we ended up smoking more than cigarettes and watching skins. we were sitting on his bed and it came to an absolutely hilarious bit and we both fell forward laughing and ended up leaning on each other in hysterics..... and just leaning my head against his shoulder i fell for him.

he told me about his soon to be ex girlfriend and i held him as he cried. we fell asleep and niether of us know how it happened, but in the middle of the night, we both half woke up and we were kissing.

nothing else happened and we both fell straight back asleep, but it was amazing... the first night we'd properly talked and we kiss each other in our sleep....

after that nothing happened for about two weeks.

but it was still the most amazing night of my life =]

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
2 Responses May 14, 2008

thank you : ) it was a beautiful thing.

beautiful story