A Night To Remember!

There is always that special person who will always have a place in your heart no matter the circumstances. This happened to be my best friend in the whole entire world...that soon turned into more.

It was a cool summer night. The sky was clear and the bonfire danced upon the trees. He was in town for the weekend making our time together limited. We had burgers on the grill, raced go carts through out the afternoon, and danced in each other's arms all night. Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

The drive home was quiet and a little uncomfortable until we pulled into his drive way. The emotions running through me were intense and hot. He turned to me and looked deep into my eyes. I could hardly breathe knowing what was about to take place. His hands slid into my hair and he pulled me closer. When our lips touched I felt a surge of emotions sweep through me. I was nervous, excited, and at a loss for words.

When he pulled away I knew that our time together was at its close. As I gave him that last great hug before I left tears began to stream from my eyes. Who knew when I would be able to see his face, feel his arms around me, or kiss those lips again.

As I pulled out of the drive way I felt a peice of my heart being left behind. The next couple of months were extremely tough but I knew that the next time I would be able to see him would be worth every minute without him.
Lillabell21 Lillabell21
22-25, F
May 28, 2013