The first time he touched me was to move me out of the way of someone else. The first time he properly touched me was just after I had fallen into him. He held my arm and helped me waddle over to the pub.

He got some ice, and slowly took off my ridiculously high heels and gently rubbed my ankle as he placed the bag of ice over it. I think it was the whole looking in his eyes and trying not to laugh because Im so ticklish thing that did though. He was so gentle.

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5 Responses Dec 16, 2008

Great! All the best to you! I hope it works out for you! :)

Lol, let me ask you something...give me an example of a rosy love story?<br />
<br />
None of them is, you have to fight all the way, and that is what makes it perfect! :D

Kind of love story? Well thats interesting now...

Sounds like the starting of a perfect love story! :D

Guys like him are too sweet to not to fall in love with .