i reamber my mom doesnt usall drink but my step dad and her gotton into a big fight and for a couple brief seconds it became really physcal. we drove too her friends house at 3 ohclock in the morning where my moms friend was drinking vodka n orange juice she fixed my mom a drink and she passed it too me and mom friend made anorhter one soon my mom started passing the joint around and i felt like iwas with my friends it was so sereal and after 2-3 of thosse i was more then buzzed they watched me drink and drink they thought it was hillarous i guess it was. till the morning i was puking and felt like somone punched me in the stomache i didnt go too skewl that day oh ya one small detail shes still with him too.
nicky9090 nicky9090
18-21, F
Dec 31, 2010