I Remember...

The first time I ever got drunk I don't remember exactly how old I was. It was early teen years I know that much. My older sister had moved out into another city. My mom and I went to go visit her at her new apartment. My sister told us about how she had made friends with the neighbors. We were introduced to the neighbors that night as well. It was a man and woman in their 40s or 50s. My sisters boyfriend came home and started a fight with my sister because she had the neighbor woman over again and he didn't like her. So my mom made me stay at the neighbors apartment and she went over and was basically butting into their fight.

The neighbor woman (I really can't remember her name) was home alone and she asked me to walk down with her so she could buy some vodka. She was a really nice woman and eventually we got back and she put on a movie for us to watch while she drank. Out of nowhere she asks if I want to try it and I say sure. We made a deal that she would give me some but I was not to tell no matter what. She said if I ever told she would tell my mom that when she walked out of the room I took it.

So she gave me a half a glass of vodka. I drank it fast but I didn't feel anything. So she gave me a full glass and I drank it down really fast too. Her husband walked in the door and she told me I could have the rest of her glass and she would be right back. Her husband was mad at my sister's boyfriend so he was going to go argue. Yeah big fight I know. Her glass was almost full so I drank it just in time for my mom to walk in and yell for me to get in the car because we are going home and she wants nothing to do with my sister's boyfriend. So the neighbor woman runs back in to find me something minty to put in my mouth. She poured me another glass to top me off though and by then I was so out of it I drank most of the glass but I got a bit on my shirt trying to drink it all down.

So we had to spray some kind of air freshener on my shirt where I spilled it and I ate flavored tootsie rolls and those hard butterscotch candies. Now it came to the hard part, the steep stairs! I don't know how I did it but I made it down those stairs that night putting a death grip on the railing because I could barely get my feet to work. I got in the car and before I knew it I was just jabbering on about how nice the neighbor woman was and I didn't even realize I was doing it. I kept thinking wow alcohol makes your mouth talk faster than your mind can think.

I was really hoping to get home though because the alcohol was setting in bad and I was so out of it. I couldn't contain my mouth either. We pull up to Burger King and my mom wants me to run in and get her and I a meal. I keep saying well why don't you go through the drivethrough. She wanted to make a call while I was in there so here was another hard part. Walking without looking like I'm drunk lol. So I try to straight line it to the door and do a decent job. I stand at the counter where no one is at and I just smile a goofy grin at absolutely nothing. I have no clue how much time passed but it had been a while because a woman comes running up and says "Oh I am terribly sorry! I didn't even notice we had a customer!!". I start telling her how its perfectly alright and being ever so nice when giving her my order. I think thats the only time I've ever said "Well thank you very much! I hope you have a wonderful day!" to anyone in the food business just like that haha!

So I get out to the car and my mom is angry because she said I had been in there half an hour. It didn't seem that long to me so I have no clue. Then my mom orders me to go back in because the woman had forgotten the barbeque sauce. My gosh I didn't think I was ever going to get home without her realizing I was drunk. Surprisingly we made it home and I drunk IMed people I know and I still don't know what I said. They still laugh about it though. It was a very good night :P
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Sounded like a good time!

Haha you bet :P