How Can I Ever Forget!

On a sunny day my freshman year of high school, I was at my friends house with a couple of friends just chillen. My one friend, he was more of a crazy kid, decided to bring up the idea of doing shots. Now me I went with the flow and said sure. He handed me a shot glass with some Vodka in it and said lets go. Down she went, wow went down pretty smooth, so down goes another. 2 shots down and I'm feeling pretty brave. We go down into my friends basement and my two buddies hand me this glass of I have no idea all I know is it was about 20 oz of something that looked like Coke a cola. They said I dare you to down this. I was like sure. So I grab the glass and down she went, all of it in one swig. Now this is the part I don't remember. The next thing I know is I wake up in my bed, with a raging headache. I get up, its dark out, I have no Idea what time it is. I go to the bath room then walk out to the living room. My dad is sitting in his recliner with a smile on his face and I said what ? He laughed and said I really don't need to say anything do I. I looked at him and said uhm no you really don't. Good so you wont do that again will you. Nope!. Well it turns out, I passed out, my friends tried to hide me, My parents called all of my friends looking for me until about 10:00 at night, I was supposed to be home at 6:00 to go to dinner with them. My friends carried me to another one of my friends house in a wheel barrel and let me sleep down in his basement. They said when my dad called they handed me the phone and I was sluring my words and all duuuuhh. So my dad picked me up around 11:00. he got me into my bed. My sister tells me she came into my room and was laughing at me, cause when she came in I was rambling off all of my posters that were in my room. I couldn't hold a conversation with her. The only thing that came out of my mouth was, Walter Payton, Don Mattingly, Dan Marino, so on and so on. I threw up like 20 times that night. The time was like 3:30 am when I woke up. My dad was upset, but he knew I just went thru hell and my one friend was the one who egged me on to do it. Needless to say I didn't drink again until I was 21. and to this day I still can't drink Vodka.............
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Good story, sometimes it takes an experience like that to set you on the right road