My First Time

It was completely awful. At the time it was fun, but looking back I wish I hadn't done it.
It was the summer before my Junior year. I got invited to a little get together with some friends and I knew there would be alcohol, weed, and three packs of smokes.
I didn't start off easy. First we all smoked a bowl, then we went straight to pounding shots. I don't even remember how many I took. I remember the shot glass I was using though; it said, "I love Oregon" on it. Weird thing to remember. After that my friend and I decided to lay on the bed and drink some vodka mixed with cranberry juice. It sounds gross now, but I was kind of down for anything. My best friend kissed me. It was awkward and I knew it was wrong. She's straight and I'm not. We made out and then we made out with the other people. We all decided to go for a walk at midnight while we were drunk. Walking on some unknown road to nowhere stumbling around obviously we were drunk and we didn't hide it. We ended up sitting next to a ditch somewhere and my best friend asked me to be her girlfriend and I was like, "Okay....?" It was.. Weird. It must have been at least ten minutes later we got up and tried to find our way back to the place we were crashing at. Then, all of a sudden I remembered I hadn't texted my boyfriend. Uh oh. I suck at drunk texting by the way. He knew I was wasted and I would do something stupid. He was adamant on picking me up and taking care of me. I said no and got pissed. I swore I wouldn't do anything stupid (already did) and that I would be okay. I wasn't throwing up or passing out, I was fine. He was pissed. I was stupid. Later on I did messed around some more with my friends. I felt dirty the next day. I felt awful. I never told him what all had happened that night.
We did end up breaking up, but for a lot more reasons than that.
So there you go; a brief explanation of my first time drunk.
WhisperWhisper WhisperWhisper
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012