Uh Oh.

The first time I got drunk, was as much of an accident as this situation can be. I was 15, and with my best guy friend Jon who was 16. We've been best friends since year 3 and one Friday evening our parents went up to London to watch a football match and we were at his. We put on some chicken for dinner as we were gonna make some spicy wraps, and as it was cooking the conversation turned to alcohol. Neither of us had been properly drunk before, and I'd never really tried any, so we got some vodka out of his cupboard and put about a cm high into a whiskey glass and filled the rest up with lemonade. We honestly were just gonna try it! We ate our wraps and drank our drink, and Jon put on some music as we had nothing to do. The two of us went back into his kitchen and started messing around and dancing and we decided to drink a little more... Now, I'd never had alcohol before, I hadn't eaten much of the wrap, I was fifteen, slim and female. An utter lightweight. After a few more lemonade vodkas the ratio of the liquid kinda swapped round. Until we ran out of lemonade and I just remember taking a giant swig of the bottle while dancing with him to some jumpy club song. Everything was spinning and so blurry and shakey, we finished off this whole litre of 57% between us and then started on a litre of 30% Malibu. I hardly remember anything, what I do remember was crazy. It started off really funny, we were being silly, trying to "climb to narnia" and I wee'd in next doors garden. We ate a whole lettuce between us (we assume, we never found it) and just danced and danced! But I got too drunk after about five hours of straight drinking and we had an argument, I accidentally smashed a glass and as a previous self harmer and with my emotions everywhere and out of control this was a trigger and I cut myself. It bled a lot from the alcohol and it was fairly deep as I couldn't feel it. Jon freaked out and he called our friend Will, who'd helped me out before, to come round. (It was about 10:30) and he did. He cleaned up my arm and sent me in to the lounge to sit down while he sorted Jon out. I can't remember barely any of this and I filled in the blanks from other people by the way. Eventually he came in to see me, at the time I really fancied this boy and made an utter fool out of myself by trying to kiss him, he was worried for me so he got a little angry and told me off, this upset me and I ran out of the house. Will caught up with me on the corner and carried me back up the road, only to find Jon standing in his boxers in the street asking a stranger if he'd seen me. Will simply said "they're ******." As means of an explanation to this poor guy. At Jons, will settled me down on the sofa again and the two of them went into the kitchen to clear up. (Jon was slightly more sober than me.) I couldn't stop crying though as I felt a ****, so for some reason I got up, and climbed out of a tiny window in his lounge and ran away. In the kitchen meanwhile, Jon apparently turned to will and said: "she's gone..." Will dismissed this as a drunk thing, but when he went in to go check on me, he turned the light on and the room was empty, with the curtain flapping through the window. Elsewhere, I was about thirty minutes away on the other side of town, I had pretty much sprinted there and judging by the dirt on my jeans the next day, had fallen over a lot. I was standing on an island in the middle of a busy road, I'd been tapped by a car but had barely felt it, and for a moment I sobered up. I remember thinking "****, how did I get here? I need to get home." So I starting walking back singing three little birds by bob Marley. Jon and Will had run next door to the neighbours, to ask Jaime (our friend for help.) they called our mums, who called the police, and my friends and my sister and our parents had to fight the midnight crowds in London to get home. I remember walking down Jons road and seeing Jaimes mum outside, I waved at her and chirped "hiya! I'm here to see Jon!" And apparently ignored the other 8 members of the search party until I saw Jon, who knocked me over with a hug. In the lounge everyone sat around me and asked me questions and forced water into me. Apparently I kept asking everyone what had happened and how they got there, embarrassingly I was also very truthful ad said some stuff I should of.. Jon was taken to hospital as when I'd gone, he'd passed out in the kitchen, and as he fell he grabbed the toaster and pulled it on top of his head. Ironically this sobered him up and at the hospital the nurse said : " was it fun at least?" To which he relied "hell yeah!" And was released healthy. At home our parents had just arrived, looking very stern and confused and slightly gob smacked at the fact we'd had it in us. I was taken home and lectured, and now it's a running joke.
It was horrid though, waking up the next day to find out that Jon had a love bite on his neck, and the fact we're like brother and sister... Eurgh!
Tarley Tarley
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013