What a Summer

It was the summer before my eighth grade year.  My older cousins took me out to a beach party.  Orange MD 20/20 and apricot schnapps! I drank both bottles by myself.  I felt like I was the biggest baddest dude on the beach, then it all hit.  I was flopping all over the place, until I finally layed next to the river a puked my guts out, then passed out.  It was still daylight (they told me).  Someone carried me back to the truck and I spent the rest of the day an into the night in the back, only moving to puke over the edge.  At some point someone carried/dragged me to the river an threw me in.  I sobered up quick.  I sat by the fire until dawn then drove everyone home.  GREATEST TIME OF MY LIFE!  not!  Then I had to explain the 'hickies' I had all over my neck to my parents and girlfriend.  I had no idea and no one else knew or would say how I got them!

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

ole' Mad Dog!! I get a headache just looking at it! It must be in our family...i found a half empty bottle under the seat, in my sons truck when he was 19.

Good old MAD DOG 20 20 . That has been around a long time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!