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Oh my God i remember mine fully. I was 13 the first time i got drunk. I was with my then-boyfriend who was 15 and all his friends (some girls too). We was drinking cheap white wine (like 99p a bottle) and cider. What a nasty mix. I was obviously drunk in no time. We were at the beach and there was a lot of dancing, singing, nudity... etc. I eventually passed out on a boulder rock about 4am after humongous amounts of vomiting. I woke up after an hour, still out of my tree, and tried searching for my boyfriend. A few of his friends were passed out on the beach but he wasn't there. Went round the corner and he was sat snogging some girl who was out with us! Charming! So i started screaming at them, as you would, and before i drunkenly swung for both of them (i would have missed anyway) another girl dragged me back and told me not worry and come back to her house so i can sleep it off. I can't remember walking to her house but i do remember waking up at about 10am in her bed soaking wet. After a bit of investigating I'd realized i had pissed in her bed. Oops! and had some very purple looking puke in the glass next to the bed (can't remember doing that or drinking anything purple). I tried to make out i'd just spilled my drink in her bed but she knew the truth. That was 8 years ago and it's the only drunken night i truly remember even after the many hundred nights after that. Its always a story to tell the kids.

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My mom said the same thing when she caught me but it was a totaly different story the time dad my dad caught me!

I was 16 the first time i got drunk, had two zima's. Passed out in the car on the way home. before we got to where i lived we passed by an apt building that was engulfed in flames...the driver nudged me until i woke up and was like look at that and i was like Let it burn i hope they all die and proceeded to Puke all over myself in the front seat. Talk about Karma. When i got home my mom saw me totally still wasted and covered in vomit and said she thinks that was punishment enough. Boy..the good ole days when two wine coolers would do the trick...haha

wow, i was 10 when i first got drunk lol lol lol!!! but i never puked though!!! if i drink a lot nowadays lol i sometimes do lol!!! but not my first time!!!