Talking To A Cop While Being Drunk Is Never Good.

i was 15. and of course we were busted. i had a few drinks at my cousins wedding reception. then after wards the real party started. my other cousins who were 16 and 21 drove me to their house. they invited a couple of friends over and i took about 8 shots of vodka. i was wasted. the party got really crazy and the cops showed up. all i remember is he was yelling at my cousin Allison saying "you have two drunk 16 year olds on your couch!" and then of course my drunken self had to say "no sir. im 15 silly." my 16 year old cousin covered my mouth and thats all i can remember. i guess he let it all go because i woke up to Lily and Allison making fun on me. at least my parents never found out!

holymoly92 holymoly92
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2010