At 14 :)

I clearly remeber ( well as best as i can) the first time i got drunk. Seeing as though it was yesterday.

It all started at bondi beach at about 8:30 where me and my 3 other girl friends and 3 guys went "fishing" for alcohol. That means that because we are underage we look for the right kinda nice person to buy us some :) Oh and by the way im 14 turning 15.

Anyways after asking alottt of people we finally found this young ish guy standing by himself and we asked him. He was so nice and he was like yeah sure sure after all i did the same thing when i was a kid. We asked him for 2 original passion pops which were like the cheapest ($6). He bought them from the bottle shop then met us around the corner and quietly snuck it into our bags. We were so greatful! So we started walking down towards the beach where we were going to drink it and fucccck  , suddnely the police pull up right near us. There are also police patrolling especailly late at night but we didnt know what to do because we had a bag filled with alcohol! so we turned around and started to walk real fast , luckily the nice guy who bought us the alcohol was sitting near us with his friends. so we quickly gave him the bag with the booze in it and we hid behind bushes until the coppers went away/.

We then went back to my friends house which was empty because her mum was sleeping at her boyfriends hosue. And we mixed the passion pop with coke and sculled it ! we started getting tipsy and slowly and slowly we become really drunk ! my one friend was like running around naked and she was calling the guy she liked and asking him out. It was soooo embarresing! my other friend was jumping up and down pretending to be american and south african and i was like laughing at every little thing and i kept on calling people are confessing my feelings which is sooooo embarressing ! ( THIS WAS ALL TOLD TO US BY OUR FRIEND WHO WAS WITH US BUT STAYED SOBER)

We had such a good night but the only problem was that we had to be out of the hosue by 7:30 before my mums friend came home. So we woke up at 5:30 and quickly cleaned the house stil very hangover and having only 3 hours sleep! we left the house with blankets at 6:30 and slowly made our way down to the beach .. my one friend passed out half way there haha ! we finally made it to the beach and went to Mc Donalds and got free water and coffes and went down on the sand and slept there for another 2 hours. which was kinda scarey cause there are tons of surfers down there at that time .

After we have sobered up a litttle more and felt less sick evething was good :) and i can see that alcohol just mad the night a whole lot better ! it was so funnny and really funnnn but not something that i would reguarly. Had a good nightt thoughhh :)

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Omg that's hilarious! Ahh I love bondi!