8th Grade

i would have smoked pot ALOT earlier than i did, i just really never had the chance to... actually now that i think about it, i could have easily snuck into my parents room when they werent home and found their stash.. hmm *shrugs*   anyways.. ya my parents smoked (since they were teenagers) and when i was little they smoked infront of me out in the livingroom, because they didnt think i knew what they were doing ha.. 

well when i finally got to try it, i was at my friend christinas house. christina had moved here from north carolina, and she had a very southern accent, it was cute. my best friend mary was there too. we were spendin the night at christinas.  well, christinas dad smoked weed on the back porch all the time (mostly at night) and he smoked with christina too. and that night he packed a bowl for the three of us to smoke out in the backyard :)    mary had smoked but not much, and christina'd had plenty of experience with it.. i lied and said id done it before lol (years later i told mary the truth about that..christina moved back to north carolina so i never got to tell her)

anyways... for the first couple rotations i didnt inhale it, i dont know why..maybe i was scared of how itd feel, or scared id cough alot or something..idk. but then christina, with lungs full of smoke trying to escape, said "ya'll better be inhaling this ****" and mary stepped in right away saying "hell yeah! thatd be such a waste!" and right then i was hitting the bowl and i nodded to as if to say "yeah, i agree! what a waste!"  and thats when i inhaled it... for the first time in my life..  it was so great  n_n   it made my throat burn a little, and i dont think i held it in that long (i really couldnt then).. but i defintly got stoned.

ive heard people say they didnt get high the first time..lol..well not me.  i got pretty high. it felt AMAZING.. i remember we called this guy from our school that i had a crush on (they didnt know i liked him, i dont think) but we were just takling to him, bein dumbassas. we would pass the phone around, back and forth in a frenzie of laughter.. he thought it was pretty funny (glad we werent annoying him......unless we were lol..) i dont remember what we talked to him about..nothing of any importance though. i remember we were dancing at one point lol i cant even remember why.. but there definitly a short burst of random dancing.. then when we went back inside, i remember standing in christinas kitchen, and feeling like id never been thirstier in my life..

that is all i remember of that lovely evening :)

ill never forget those things though..

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but do you remember the first time you had sex while high???? i bet so!

My first time was a blast too. Technically my first time I smoked pot was this time that I only took two small hits, but I didn't get that high. A couple weeks after that me and my 2 besties got really blazed for the first time. Both of them had already smoked a few times, but it was my first time. We went to a construction site in my old honda and got so blazed. Then we drove to arby's and I never had curly fries that tasted so good. And of course the whole time the 3 of us we're laughing so hard. We we're stoners for a long time since. Always getting in my car and finding somewhere secluded to light up. So lucky we never got caught.