The Mist Of Times

I heard about it when I was in high school.  Some young people in the cities were using drugs and they couldn't stop talking about the wonderful and liberating effects of it.  It enlarges conscience, so it was said. 

In that far away village, where I lived, this forbidden fruit was not to be found.  It wasn't in the nearest city.  It was almost nowhere.  It was still a myth.

Years later,in a liberal metropolis, I laid hands on some crumbs of hashish. 

I smoked it.  I smoked it again.  Nothing happened.

I started thinking that it was just an invention of the media and a huge hoax.

Then, the forth or fifth time, all of sudden it happened.  I suddenly realized the relativity of my usual experience of time.  That was disturbing.  I thought I would die.

I was home alone.  Almost in panic I ran out of the house and kept on running to prevent death to deal its final blow.

For quite some time afterwards, I expected to die every time I smoked. 

Finally, after a year or so, it provoked a Homeric laughter.

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56-60, M
Feb 8, 2010