First Time Oral Experience

I was 16, so was the girl. I'm not sure how we managed this, but it went from talking at a disco to taking her into a private room there and laying her on these boxes. We were both virgins. I went down on her and it just seemed natural what to do. Lick, suck a little, until a guy snuck his head round the corner and warned me the bouncer was on his way up!! We quickly got her leggings back up then left and went to a park. She lay on a bench and I resumed licking her out. After a while, I put on a condom and we both lost our virginity.

The nice thing about it was we did date for 6 months. I really learned about oral sex a lot, as W (the girl) wanted me to start by going down on her the next day again, when we met at her friends house. After that, a pattern emerged. She stayed with her gran, who had no idea I stayed over quite a lot. A routine started where I would lick her for a while, then mount her so to speak. One time, I was about to move onto stage 2 when she stopped me from moving up. "Make me ***" was all she said. I had no clue how to do that, but I slowed down and ****** her with my tongue for the first time. She seemed to like this, so I alternated between that and licking up and down her slit. I even moved down to take a tentative lick at her ******* which made her shiver, but I didn't linger, moving back to her ***** again.

It wasn't for almost another half hour before she reached a very strong ****** and I gleefully and proudly moved up to enter her. I always wore a condom back then and after cuming, I pulled out. I was staying over on this occasion and about midnight, we were kissing when she asked me to 'taste her' again. I slid under the covers and that was really where I earned my stripes. I made her *** again and set a tone that meant I would bring her to ****** each time I went down on her. I never licked her *** for long although I did in future - that's another story you'll find in a different group!

daveyjones05 daveyjones05
31-35, M
Jan 11, 2010