A Friend Showed Me How.

 My first year of junior high.  Lunch time and everyone was outside.  I was sitting in the grass with my skirt spread out round me.  Not proper like I had been told.  I had my reasons for this.

Had been talking to a girlfriend but now we were quiet. I was watching something off in the distance when I noticed my friend was breathing heavy, almost gasping, and she had one hand inside the waistband of her skirt.  Like me she had it spread out around her, and bunched up in back where she was leaning against a tree.  

I watched her for a moment, puzzled.  I asked her what she was doing and she jumped - and almost squealed. She was blushing furiously, and it took her a few moments to calm down.  She asked me, "you don't know?" Incredulous that I didn't she asked if I'd ever ***********.  I hadn't and didn't really know what it meant.  She explained carefully what I should do.

Being careful, I slipped a hand inside my skirt and into my panties.  Oops, I didn't mean to get so graphic. Sorry.  I did what she told me to do, and presently I told her it felt like I was going to pee.  I had a full bladder so that was a good probability too.  She sighed and said yeah, that happens too sometimes.  Just go with it.  So I did.  Soaked my panties under my skirt and had one of the most wonderful ******* of my young life.  To be followed by many, many more.  

I noticed after we got up that the ground where she had been sitting was just as wet as where I had been.

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I love stories of our youth when everything was a new discovery. I think that's why we remember some of these events so vividly.

I remember my first time was something similar. I felt like I really had to pee, but I kept going until this wave of pleasure came over me I felt amazing after. ;)

Sweet !!! ;-)

Sweet !!! ;-)



Great story Rachael. It must have been hot to mastur*bate and pee with your friend that way.<br />
<br />

When I first started out, I'd do one or the other. Either pee myself, or **********... I liked both equally. Finally, it dawned on me to put the two together. Much better. And 40+ years later, I'm still enjoying the combination.

Remember Sex Education in school? By the time they got around to it, I think most everyone knew way more than they should have. Besides, they don't tell you the good stuff.<br />
Once I had learned that, I proceeded to pleasure myself regularly, and having a full bladder, and wetting always went with it.

Thanks Country. That was a long time ago, but what a wonderful memory it is. Uh, if you had been any closer, close enough to hear us peeing, well, we wouldn't have. That was always something we kept very private. Still do actually.

Sweet! Nothing at all like lunch at my junior high.