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Family road trips are fun. Crossing state lines to go to a lake or the ocean brings on fond memories for a lot of people.

When I was younger I lived on the western front of the U.S. and my dad bought a boat, complete with trailer, in Maine. So we packed up our suitcases, hopped on a plane to Augusta, and rented a pick up truck.

Luckily at this point it was my mom, my dad, my very little sister, and myself. There was just enough room for all of us in the truck, and I could still stretch out in the back seat.

We landed in Maine without incident. We picked up the boat, and started our 3,200 mile drive home. Due to detours however, we made around a 4,000 mile trip.

We developed a set routine. We would wake up around 7:00, eat breakfast, drive. Stop for bathroom break and drinks around 10:00 and then continue driving. At 1:00 we would get lunch and then keep driving. At 4:00 we would find a hotel and settle in for the night, eating dinner in whichever city we were in.

My little sister’s clothes were packed in my suitcase along with mine to save space. So I had to dig past her diapers and onesies in order to find my clothes. Since my mom would always poke fun at me for still being her baby, since I am very petite, she dared my to try to fit one of my sister’s diapers on.

I went in to the small motel bathroom, and to my horror, it fit. It was a little snug, but it hugged me in a way that I liked for some reason. I walked out into the room, where thankfully my dad was absent, and modeled my new fashion statement for my mom. She laughed, said I had to keep it on, and if I did all day, she would get me my own bed at the next 3 hotels.

I didn't mind sleeping with my little sister, but I was always afraid I would roll over on top of her, so I agreed.

That day, we set off into the Nevada desert. I believe we were on Highway 6, but don't quote me on that. At 10:00 when we stopped at 7-11, I got a double gulp of Coke. Around 12:30 we passed another, but we didn't stop. At 1:30, I had finished my 50 oz drink, and was feeling the need to go. At 2:15 we still hadn't found another rest stop, and my bladder felt like it was going to explode.

I had privately peed myself in the past, so I did have some above-average bladder control. I had to let some out, because each rise and fall in the road made my urge rise--but not fall.

I spread my legs ever so slightly, and barely had a chance to relax before I felt my lips get warm and wetness spread from my crotch down to my butt.

I stopped it for a second, but the urge was still there. I let out another spurt as the next bump came, praying the diaper would do its job. It did ... for a few moments.

My hands flew to my crotch, as if I could physically hold the pee in. As the pressure barely started to fade, I felt wetness seep over the safe zone of my diaper. It spread down to my butt, and down my legs. I couldn't stop it now. The smell began to fill my nostrils.

My eyes started to tear up as the shame got to me. I was wearing clothes for a baby, and I was acting like one as well. The puddle flowed off the seat and onto the floor.

Somehow, my parents didn't notice.

When I was finally done, and the seat, my basketball shorts, and the floor were all soaked, the saline drops started to fall from my eyes.

How could they not notice?

My dad commented "Who farted?" as he rolled down all four windows. It was very hot outside, I think at one point he said it was 102.

After a few minutes, when I felt a little bit better, I started trying to find a way out of this situation. I couldn't put a blanket over me, it was way too hot, and I'd be busted when we went to go eat. I couldn't change, my clothes were in the back. All I had was a notepad and a pen.

I sat there for around 5 minutes, I only know this because two songs passed on the radio.

I decided that I could blame this on the diaper, not myself. I was made to wear the clothes of a baby, so I was made to act like one. I wrote my mom a note "DON'T TELL DAD! I had an accident. HELP!"

She took it, and my dad pretended not to notice. Probably thinking we were playing a game. Her response was "How bad?"

I took a second to take my inventory. I was soaked through, and there were seat covers, but I didn't know if they would protect the seat. "Awful, I'm soaked, the seat is wet, the floor is wet, I'm in a wet diaper."

She took a moment to respond this time, "Just wait there for a few moments, I still have a lot of my soda left."

I was confused, how was this going to help me? "What? No! How will that help me?"

My mom took the lid off of her drink, and started to sip it. She was singing to the music, and starting to dance in her seat, drink in hand.

The next big bump we came upon, she aimed her drink back, and drenched myself and everything around me in luke warm, sticky, Coke.

My dad looked at her, angry for a moment, confused for another, and then he looked at me. He began to pull over, as his speed shrank, his laughter grew.

When we pulled over, my mom got out first, and opened my door. My dad went to get the suitcases.

She took me back between the boat and the truck, where we would be alone. "When you change, just leave the diaper here, I'll get it with a plastic bag before we go."

My dad got a towel, and gave me my suitcase. I found some clothes and he went back to the truck to work on the cola coated back bench seat.

I tore my shorts and diaper off, handing them both to my mom. I quickly put on a pair of matching panties and orange basketball shorts. I took off my shirt and bra, and put on a sports bra and yellow tank top.

My wet clothes went into a towel, and I got a nice big hug from my mom. "I'm so sorry that happened to you. It's our little secret."

By the time she emptied her bladder and my sister was changed, the back seat had dried relatively well. It was still sticky and a bit stinky, but the acidic musk of urine was covered by stench of hot soda.

For the rest of the day an awkward silence filled the truck.

My mom promised my dad didn't, wouldn't, and won't know, but I couldn't help but feel that everyone we passed knew exactly what I had done.


Thanks to SWL for editing.
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