I was 8 and we were in a summer camp with all of my class mates. I slept in a room with two others girls.

The bathroom was maybe 300 metres away on a hill. At night I woked up and realised I had to pee. But the bathroom was far and it was our first night there and I didn't want to get up and go outside alone in the dark. Also I was to shy at the time to wake up one of the other girls to join me. So I went to sleep again and decided to wait till morning.

In the early morning I woke up to a cold, wet feeling. My pyjamas and the bed was soaked. I quickly dressed up and hid my wet clothes in my empty suitcase. Luckily no one noticed anything about my accident.
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I have never told anyone I wear diapers at night. Ever since I got back from the middle east, I had problems sleeping, so I went to a Psychiatrist he prescribed sleeping meds. I slept great sometimes too great, and I would wake to a wet bed. Now it's become habitual even when I don't take my sleep meds I would wet the bed almost every night. So I am consigned to being diapered at night. In fact, I do not feel comfortable with out my diaper at night and a wet diaper actually feels good. At first I was embarrassed, now I don't care when I am alone but when I stay somewhere with others I am. The dating scene is very difficult because I worry about wetting the bed so I leave after sex. Potential GFs think I am being rude but I am afraid to tell the real reason. I don't want to change my diapering and wish I could find a nice GF that understands.

I understand accidents...I'm a 53-year old guy...and I wet my pants accidentally once or twice a year, on average...What I don't understand is when someone pees their pants on purpose...I mean...if we were supposed to do this...why were we potty trained???...

I have never wet myself in my bed, but peed myself in front of classmates, unfortunately I did not manage to hide it. So good if nobody noticed your accident.