Maybe Nobody Will Notice...

I remember the first time I peed on myself. However, heres a quick recap of some history: I didnt have very good experiences with my bladder at this time in my life. I was a bed wetter, and knew that in the morning, I would be spanked for it. My experiences in the bathroom at school werent so good either. There was a bathroom in the classroom, and it had those slats on the bottom of the door. I remember going in one time while the teacher was reading a storybook to the class, only to notice I was being spied upon by two of my boy classmates. Of course I freaked out, and told the teacher. She looked around for the boys, and noticed they werent in story time. She found them hiding in the closet where we put our backpacks (i know, pretty lame). Their punishment? Sitting outside banging spoons while we went to recess (fyi:this isnt supposed to make sense). To sum it up, I felt that uncomfortable feeling you get when your privacy is violated. I still remember that day after school, one of the boy's dad picked him up, and asked him if he'd been a good boy that day. Of course, he lied and said yes with a smile. I just gave him the evil forward
So there I was one day, standing at my easel during activity time, when I felt that sudden urge to pee. There was no way I was going to go to that bathroom and be spied on again...I really had to go. I kept holding it, and holding it, until I couldnt hold it anymore. So there I stood, hoping no one would notice I peed on myself. Some got on the floor, I feel sorry for whoever discovered it. My clothes were soiled but by the time I went home they were dry. I'm still surprised my mom didnt notice, she has a very keen sense of smell. Ah, the weird things you will do when you're 5...
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So, I'm guessing your one of those who tend to hold your pee until you get home and not in public if you can help it. I actually hope that isn't the case. My GF will actually go into a mens bathroom and pee if the womens line is too long, and if there are no bathrooms in site, she won't hesitate to pull them down and go where ever she is standing. Thats the confidence every woman should have, and as a man, I would love to see more woman feel comfortable peeing anywhere they want to :)<br />
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I was around the same age as you, I was in kinder - all I can remember from then was eating graham crackers with peanut butter and peeing myself in front of the classroom after school one day. My mother was late picking me up and I had waited there a whole 15 minutes which seemed like a lifetime for a kinder aged kid. That experience left me with one of those abandon complexes and I grew up feeling as if everyone is always leaving me out of things, even if they didn't intentionally. It also made me insecure with a number of things. I never felt anything about the fact that I peed my pants in front of the whole school until later on in life when I started to have one of those fetishes with pee. I loved golden showers, I even drank it a few times, not my own, but my gf's.....and I actually peed my pants on purpose once just to get a laugh, it was hilarious and it turned me on at the same time. So, at least I do know where it all began just as you do.